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A Degree Above Heating & Cooling is a leading expert in home and business comfort for Smithville, Dekalb County and throughout Upper Cumberland and Middle Tennessee. We will service, maintain, and install any type of conventional heating or air conditioning system, including the latest high-efficiency equipment. We believe that the correct, meticulous installation of your system the key to a long and efficient life. We only offer the best when it comes to our services, so let A Degree Above handle your installations and maintenance to ensure your systems lives its longest life possible.

Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to home maintenance, we understand that homeowners have a hard time keeping up with maintenance issues that arise with a home. A Degree Above has created a Preventative Service Plan that has been designed for your unique needs. We can create a custom home service plan that will handle your home maintenance, special needs, or specific projects all custom fit you’re your home, family, or lifestyle.

Our Preventative Service Plan includes:

15 Point Cooling Tune-Up

  1. All moving parts will be cleaned and oiled.
  2. Operating pressures and temperatures will be checked and adjusted.
  3. Refrigerants will be checked to ensure the system is working efficiently.
  4. All unit wiring will be thoroughly inspected.
  5. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow.
  6. Clean outdoor condenser coil.
  7. Clean and check blower motor (and belt, if applicable).
  8. Test temperature drop at return and supply air; adjust blower speed if needed.
  9. Safety test all controls for proper operation.
  10. Check voltage and amperage in all motors; test for worn bearings.
  11. Check condition of compressor contacts to be sure they aren’t pitted.
  12. Inspect start and run capacitors and relays for bulges, rust and leaks.
  13. Clean and safety test all wires and connections.
  14. Inform customer of equipment condition; recommend necessary repairs or comfort improvements.
  15. Visually inspect duct work for wear and leaks.

19 Point Heating Tune-Up

  1. Test carbon monoxide levels.
  2. Clean and adjust burners and inspect heat exchanger.
  3. Check thermostat operation.
  4. Lubricate all motors, bearings, fans and circulation pumps.
  5. Clean pilot assembly.
  6. Test and adjust operation of safety and operating controls.
  7. Inspect flue pipe and gas valve.
  8. Check blower motor (and belt, if applicable).
  9. Test and tighten all wiring and connections.
  10. Turn exposed dampers to heating position if marked (no balancing).
  11. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow.
  12. Check temperature rise.
  13. Check fan speeds.
  14. Check gas pressure at gas valve.
  15. Inform customer of equipment condition; recommend necessary repairs.
  16. Run combustion safety tests.
  17. Visually inspect duct work for wear and leaks.
  18. Visually inspect weather stripping.
  19. Check for gas leaks.

You cannot schedule when your system will break down, but you can schedule preventative maintenance to ensure it continues working all year long. The professionals at A Degree Above specialize in maintenance needs in Dekalb County and the surrounding area.

Air Conditioning Systems

When the outdoor temperature starts to warm up, it is essential to  have a dependable air conditioning system. Modern air conditioners are designed to deliver the highest comfort at minimal fuel costs. When you replace an aging 8-10 SEER air conditioner with a new 18 SEER systems, you can save up to 50% on annual cooling costs.

Choices in Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners are offered in different configurations to address a variety of different job site conditions, including structural challenges, fuel availability and consumer performance expectations.

  • Heat Pumps can provide heating and cooling from one unit. If you are in an area with low electric rates, or do not have natural gas available, a heat pump may be the perfect choice. When switching from a gas or oil heating system to a heat pump you may feel that the heat pump is inadequate. Heat pumps generate heat out of the vents around 90-100 degrees where natural gas, propane or oil heat will produce heat out of the vents around 120-125 degrees.
  • When dealing with commercial buildings or residential applications with space constrictions, package units can be a perfect alternative as they are normally installed on the rooftops. If the application will accommodate a split type of system we find them to be more reliable, more flexibility on efficiency ratings and have better warranties than package units.
  • Split Air Conditioners are named for the split systems within that are separated by condensing unit (or coil) and air handler.

We can also offer ductless or ducted mini split options that have become a popular item recently. Ductless options increase efficiency when compared to conventional heating and cooling. These products are offered through Mitsubishi and American Standard and are extremely reliable.

Air Conditioning Installation

A successful a/c installation starts with a properly designed unit. Our knowledgeable technicians will analyze the perimeter and air distribution network to determine what is precisely needed for every room in the building. We run our total set of load calculations based on ACAA Manual J for every heating/air conditioning system we install.

Before your actual AC installation, we will create a construction schedule that is designed to minimize the disruptions of our customer’s lifestyle. We also ensure to focus on sealing the ductwork and tightening connections to make sure all specifications are met or go beyond what is required.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

We all know it is cheaper and easier to prevent a problem, rather than to have to fix one. Air conditioning systems have a lot of moving parts and require regular maintenance to ensure they do not break down. When your unit does require repair, we will utilize your time and money by having our experienced technicians — equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment — to quickly identify the faulty components. We will be able to restore any make and model to working order and when the job is done, we make sure your invoice never exceeds our final estimate.

Heating Systems

When you’re looking to make a significant investment in indoor comfort, a new furnace or heat pump is a great option. While the quality of the equipment is important, the quality of the installation has a major impact on overall performance and the cost efficiency of the unit. Allow A Degree Above to help you by guiding you through every stage of the equipment selection and installation.


Forced air furnaces are designed to provide a great flow of warm air flow for your home and a more consistent temperature. There are a few different features that you can get with a forced air furnace:

  • Modulating or Two Stage Gas Valve with Variable Speed Blower (This is the most efficient set up in a gas furnace that is available. This is also where the utility company and federal government offers rebates or credits.
  • 80% efficient (Typically what you will find if a system is located in the attic)
  • 90%-98% efficient (Can be installed in an attic but steps will need to be taken to keep the furnace drain line from freezing in the winter since the furnace does produce water. Typically found in garages, closets and crawl spaces.)
  • The percentages represent how much heat is produced when you spend one dollar with the utility company. This does not reflect how much is delivered into your home. This is why delivered efficiency is so important.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are designed and operate similar to an air conditioner. These systems have parts that will allow refrigerant to flow a different route through the system. This allows for heating and cooling to come from a single unit.

You should also be aware of limitations for heat pumps in colder climates. The efficiency of thermal transfer decreases when the outside temperature falls. This means that heat pumps are not usually installed in areas that experience sub-freezing temperatures. The good news is, air handlers can be equipped with an electric heat strip that will provide supplemental heating when the temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, heat pumps are a very viable option for our customers in Dekalb County and surrounding areas.

Heating Repairs

Heating and cooling systems are the most important, and expensive piece of equipment in your home and they probably consume the most amount of energy! When a piece of equipment is this important, it should receive regular attention so that it can operate properly. With homes, especially homes with children and elderly family members, a reliable heating appliance is not just a preference, but a necessity. It is very important to contact an experienced heating contractor like A Degree Above when your furnace or heat pump breaks down or needs regular maintenance.

A Degree Above Heating & Cooling hires professional technicians that are NATE-certified and equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools that will locate the source of a malfunction accurately. We understand the difficulties or having a heating or cooling system not working, this is why we act quickly to implement the heating repairs needed to restore your unit back to full functionality.

Complete Heating Solutions

We offer American Standard and Mitsubishi products to our customers. In our experience, these manufacturers can be trusted to provide us with the reliability and performance we demand for our customers.

For the finest in home heating solutions give us a call at 615-215-4822!

American Standard, Mitsubishi and A Degree Above stand behind the equipment we install. Every American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning and Mitsubishi product includes industry-leading factory warranties. Extended warranties are available that can pay for labor and other costs not covered by the factory.

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A Degree Above Heating & Cooling provides full HVAC system installation, repair and maintenance, and many other related services to families in Smithville, Gordonsville, Woodbury, Liberty, Dowelltown, Buffalo Valley, Silver Point, Williams Crossroads, Young Bend and throughout Dekalb county and the surrounding areas. Call 615-215-4822 and we’ll send a professional HVAC service technician to your door—in most cases the same day!